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New Vision's food ministry has topped 70,000 people worth of food distributed a month and over 700 people in line for twice-a-week food distributions. The Urban Missions program is booked solid for the summer and God is still sending mission teams our way. We have a new youth pastor whose passion is equipping and discipling college students. Brent Hyden joins urban missions veteran, Mike Haskins, as a lead program facilitator. Brent brings a fresh surge of enthusiasm and momentum to New Vision.

In short... New Vision will be hopping this summer and an exciting place to be!

We expect to have several summer interns who will work under various staff members and in different areas of our program and ministries.

An internship is all about experience... that chance to get into the trenches and dig into the kind of work or ministry to which you aspire.  We want your time with us to be all that and more. We want to give you a  BOOST... to help launch you strongly into God's vision for your life. We offer both academic and non-academic internships at New Vision. 


Our internships focus on four things:

1) Discipleship: not the kind you get in a class or a book that we are going to hand you. You will have a mentor for the summer who will make a generous investment into your spiritual development. 

2) Leadership development: Good leaders are in short supply. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, vision, and blind spots is crucial to become someone who others will follow. 

3) Program/Ministry development: Stuff that you just can't learn in a classroom AND which will be aligned with your vision for your future ministry or program.  

4) Ministry Experience: You will have a role and responsibilities that will matter and which will help us do  Kingdom work here in our community.

Details for 2014 Summer Internships for College & University students

Some interns may:

- start earlier in the summer or stay later in the summer if they are available

- complete academic requirements for their internship

- fill specific roles that can reduce their internship fees (CDL licensed driver, media production) 

All interns will:

- be available between May 26th and August 3rd for a 10-week internship (unless otherwise arranged)

- have a mentor

- get leadership and program development training and experience

- will work with both our urban community and outside groups coming for mission trips

- have some kind of role with urban missions that will be as closely aligned as possible with their skills, experience, and desired area of involvement

- have a chance to serve in other ministry areas (children, youth, worship, homeless outreach, etc.) 

- be housed in new intern housing facilities onsite or with a nearby host family


This is a short-term, cross-cultural ministry coupled with leadership & program development training 

Think of and communicate your urban ministry internship as a short-term urban mission. You will need to raise support just like you would if you were doing international missions or a campus ministry. Interns may also raise monies above and beyond their internship fees that can be disbursed before the end of their internship in lieu of the summer job you are giving up to serve here. 

Internship fees

The rate for a 10 week Boost internship is $2985. Internship fees include housing, most meals, generous access to our food ministry, free use of onsite gym and fitness classes, formal leadership training and assessment, access to a talented and experienced team of urban pastors, and an incredible summer of serving the marginalized and disenfranchised urban community of San Diego.

This rate is comparable to what an international trip would cost you for just two or three weeks. You can add additional weeks to the front or back of your internship for $295/week. 

Like our urban mission trips, you get valuable, intentional, high quality experience here at New Vision.

You will leave with valuable work experience, tools to develop future ministries, credible references, and on-going access to leaders who are committed to your success. You will leave behind sustainable contributions to the outreach of New Vision and the results of your own investments into the lives of others. 


Shoot us your questions. We are committed to your success before, during, and after your time at New Vision.