Do you have an entire day to spend with us, but don't need to spend the night? If so, this is your trip! A lot can happen in a day... ask anyone who has spent one with us.

Day trips are great for youth ministries who have little or no experience with urban ministries, businesses in search of ways to serve the community, teams preparing to go on the mission field, and local churches who are ready to find ways to engage the city. 



A day trip is two urban ministry activity times (AM & AFT or AFT & PM) and includes 1-2 meals. Housing is not included.  

Some of our most recent day trip groups have:

  • gone out on the streets of San Diego for outreach to the homeless
  • served with one of our most valued community partners which helps us feed thousands in our community
  • taken prayer walks in our neighborhood
  • learned how difficult it is to live on food stamps
  • done on-site service projects
  • held a worship service in a hotel lobby, then offered prayer and meals to residents