Do you work with large groups?

Yes. We can easily house and facilitate as many as 100 for our typical weeklong trips. In the summer we also have alternate housing options available that can accommodate large groups in dorm-style housing

What about groups bigger than 100?

Yes. There with adequate notice (6+ months) we can accommodate larger trips.

What is the minimum age for participants?

Our overnight trips and most of our ministry/outreach activities are geared for middle school students (6th going into 7th grade) through adults. However, we can provide service activities for elementary age students with adequate supervision.


Do you run a safe program?

To work with someone else's kids is a sacred trust. We take safety very seriously and do all that we can to operate at a reasonable and manageable level of risk. Risk threshold is a key consideration in trip planning. You should know where your parents and church leadership draw the line. That said, much of what we do can be tweaked to reduce both the real and perceived level of risk. We will always start where your group is able to function.

Family Trips

Is this a good trip for a family to take together?

We love this question because we love family ministry. There are some unique considerations in pricing and activity scheduling, but the Kingdom impact is worth the effort for us help you find a way to get here. Check out our INFORMAL TRIPS as option.

What is it like?

Is New Vision a multi-ethnic church?

Yes! We live in one of the most diverse areas of San Diego which is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Our congregation reflects the diversity of our community.

Do homeless people attend church at New Vision?

We also have a diversity of socio-economics in our congregation. Homeless sit, eat, worship, and serve next to low and middle-income professionals and business people.

We've never done urban ministry... can we come for just a day to get a taste of what you do before we commit to a week-long trip?

Here are a few options. - Schedule a site visit - these are a fantastic idea! It gives you a chance to ask questions and take back confident first-hand answers for all the questions you will be asked. - Tag-a-long - if we happen to have a trip going on a date you can come, we are more than happy to have you tag-a-long for part of their experience.

Can you help me with ideas for raising money to come?

Yes. As an urban church, making and raising funds are an ongoing activity for us. We are very entrepreneurial do not see money as being an overwhelming obstacle to Kingdom work.

Can Pastor Pete or Pastor Mike come to my church, camp, or retreat to train or speak?

Yes. If you want someone to preach or to speak from 20+ years experience in urban ministry, you will probably want Pete. If you need someone to share about New Vision, teach about social issues, and facilitate team building or other forms of training, that would be Mike. We also have other pastors on staff who are passionate teachers and preachers. Let us know what you want and we can match you with the best person.

We've come with you before... can we do something different this time?

Absolutely! And if you come so many times that it looks like you are going to be in a rut until you get a new set of participants, we will tell you so AND refer you somewhere that can take your group to the next level. We are about your growth as much as we are about having you come.


We need a place to stay on our way through to Mexico... do you offer housing options?

Yes. We offer housing only for groups traveling to Mexico and to any local event. As an urban church utilities keeping the lights and water on are major expenses for us so expect a modest charge to house your group. Showers are an additional expense and currently arranged at local community centers.

Will we be sleeping on the floor?

Yes. Your group will be housed in classrooms. Feel free to bring air mattresses or foam mats.

We would like to add some urban ministry on to our Mexico trip or youth conference... can you help us?

Absolutely yes!! You can add-on a day or more. We can also arrange individual ministry activities or do your pre-entry team building.

Adding Last Minute Participants

Is it ok if we bring extra participants at the last minute?

Yes. Here is the policy in a nutshell. After we invoice you for your final group count, you may still bring 5 additional participants at the original rate (per person). Any more participants after that are still welcome, but we charge you full rate to cover extra food, supplies, and arrangements that will be made.

Trip Deposits

Are trip deposits really non-refundable?

Yes. This money covers the time that will be spent planning and preparing for your trip. In some cases we can re-schedule your trip for later in the same year without requiring an additional deposit.

Serve with New Vision

Is it possible to intern at New Vision?

Yes! We love having interns and our interns love their experience here. We take all kinds of interns, academic and non-academic. Because of the amount of social service work we do, there are intern opportunities here for more than the typical "church" roles. That said, this is one of the best opportunities anywhere to do an urban youth ministry internship. Our pastoral staff is a veritable dream team of active, sought after urban youth workers.

Can I come to New Vision for the summer to serve?

Yes. Interns and program staff raise support and pay $225/week to serve with us which covers their housing, most of their food, and intern related transportation.

Do you offer trips that are longer than a week?

Yes. We recently hosted an 11-day trip. The dynamics for a longer trip are different for everyone involved. Everyday you are here, relationships deepen and your understanding of ministry in this community expands. We will go as deep as you want to.


Do you offer discounts for larger groups or if we stay longer than a week?

Yes. We offer incentive and premium rates that are based on group size and trip duration. The bigger the group and the longer you stay, the cheaper your rate.

Do you charge more or less than most of the other urban ministry organizations out there?

Yes. Our daily rate is very competitive when compared with other organizations and we give you a much better value than most. What is different about New Vision is that our rates are not arbitrary. Can't afford a full-week trip? We modify your schedule and give you more free time or shorten your trip to what you can afford. You also have a number of other options for partnering with us.

Do you have great food?

Yes!!! We are blessed with good cooks. We believe that your experience will be better, you will work harder, and accomplish more if you are fed well.


Are there things to do in San Diego that won't cost a lot of money?

Some of the best places to go don't cost a thing or are very inexpensive. If you don't have your heart set on the San Diego Zoo or Sea World, there is plenty of fun to be had on a tight budget.

Can you help us find discounts to SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, or other local attractions?

Yes. If there are local promotions going on, we will let you know. Also, ask us about "Two-fer" activities where we set up a "two-for-one" deal that facilitates kids getting needy kids in our community into attractions with your group that they wouldn't otherwise experience.

Are you close to the beach?

Fifteen minutes to the three closest beaches. Less than thirty minutes to the rest.


Can we serve in Mexico for a day or more?

Yes! This can be arranged with any of three different ministry sites we work with in TJ.

Can we go to Mexico during a free day?

Yes! Whether you go there to serve or to sightsee, you need to be prepared with the correct ID to move back and forth across the border. Find out what you need HERE.

Resources Needed

Are there things that we can bring with us that you can use in your ministry?

Yes. Please check HERE for a list of items that we keep on hand for outreach. We very much appreciate your assistance!


We will fly in and need to rent vehicles... can you recommend a good rental company?

Yes! You need to talk with Jason from Mission Van Rentals. They park their fleet on our property and we can refer you for the very best possible price. He will even drop vans at the airport for you.

Flying In

We want to avoid extra baggage charges and plan to buy sleeping bags and bedding there... can these be ready for us when we arrive?

Yes! This is a great way to save money and provide our ministry with important resources. You can arrange an order of inexpensive Walmart sleeping bags to be delivered here. You are welcome to donate them when you leave.


Can we do a VBS program for kids in your community?

Yes! If there are kids available, we would love to arrange for you to work with them. Our school district is currently transitioning from a year-round calendar to a traditional calendar. At this time, later in the summer (late July - mid August) is the best time to do multi-day programs for kids.

What about puppet ministry, drama teams, dance teams, and other creative arts teams... can we do that?

Absolutely! Let us know about the special skills that your gift may bring and we will create a trip that leverages your strengths.


Is the food really "great?"

We aren't messing around about the food. It is really fantastic!

Do you know of some special places our group can eat?

There is no shortage of great places to eat in San Diego.

Do your trips rock?

Yes! We have been told by experienced group leaders that have been taking mission trips for a long time and who have worked with a number of other organizations that we provide a completely different trip experience. What they talk about the most are the impact of how we train and lead street outreach, feeling of being included in the work of New Vision in this community, and how much their understanding of issues related to poverty, homelessness, community outreach, and food insecurity was expanded. They also tell us how transferable the experience is back to their own community.

Will our group make a difference and do ministry that really matters with New Vision Urban Missions?

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