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FORGE is a 6-week leadership intensive for college-age students. 

"Am I a leader?"

"Can I improve my abilities as a leader?"

"How do I find a mentor?"

"Where can I experience and learn about Biblical discipleship?"

"What do I really need to know about developing a new ministry or program?"

"What is God's vision for my life?"

We keep hearing these questions from college students and decided to offer a way to find the answers to these questions. New Vision is a great place to find the answers. We have an experienced, resourceful, and effective staff of urban leaders. We have a rich training ground with plenty of comfort-zone stretching experiences. And we value reproductive discipleship as the most important responsibility of every believer.

You will go through an intense period of training, relationship building, personal reflection, and outreach ministry. You will what it takes to be a strong leader... and a strong follower. 

Important Dates

FORGE applications due April 30th

FORGE balance due May 15th

FORGE housing begins June 1st

FORGE program begins Monday, June 2nd

FORGE program ends Friday, July 14th

FORGE Final Fun Day is Saturday July 15th 

FORGE Recognition Sunday July 16th

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Housing will be in an apartment located near New Vision. You will be rooming with 2 to 3 other FORGE participants of the same gender.

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We will stock your apartment for breakfast and most of the time you will eat before you arrive on-site each day.

Most of your lunches will be on-site at New Vision with the rest of the FORGE team.

Dinners will vary.  Some will be back at the apartment, others will be on-site with our church community. There will also be opportunities to try out the local ethnic cuisine. 

Weekends will also vary depending on our activities.

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AM - Worship Service and community lunch at New Vision

AFT - OFF (unless assisting with weekend group)

PM - Urban Worship Experiences


AM - Training & Study

AFT - Outreach & leadership with urban missions program

PM - Group activities & experiences


AM - Personal development

AFT - Ministry projects

PM - Around San Diego


Off (unless assisting with a weekend group or working on a Saturday ministry project.)

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We will transport you from FORGE housing to New Vision and back again at the end of the day. Transportation for any activities that are part of the FORGE program and your work with urban missions is also included. You may bring your own vehicle, but will be responsible for your own gas unless we have arranged with you to help transport other FORGE participants. For off time travel, you may want to bring a bike or purchase a bus pass. 

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Discipleship is a core component of FORGE. You will have a mentor and will meet with them regularly throughout the program. They are there to encourage, guide, and invest themselves in your life. You will leave knowing that someone values you and wants to see God's best be realized in your life.


HUME:SD is camp on a college campus. Hume Christian Camp runs their gold-standard program at Point Loma Nazarene University for 4 weeks. This will be the 10th year of our relationship with Hume:SD providing urban ministry electives. You will spend most afternoons during the week providing leadership for the 1200+ high school and middle school students who will participate in these electives.

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What should I bring?

What do I need to leave at home?

Will I need spending money?