Intern Reference Form

Thank-you for providing a reference for a New Vision Urban Missions intern candidate. Interns play an important role in our program. 

It is amazing the number of employers and organizations that don't check references. New Vision Urban Missions is not one of these. We want to invest ourselves into the students who work with us. Internships move a student from theory and learning to practice and experience. 

The intern candidate who asked for you as a reference did so because you are familiar to some degree with their qualities, personality, skills, and/or spiritual maturity. The information you share will be kept confidential except for the last section, should you chose to use it. Applicants always wonder what their references have said about them. We have included a section where you can express your encouragement and confidence in them that can be passed on to the intern. This can be a powerful way to speak into their lives before they embark on a new adventure.

Intern Applicant's Name *
Intern Applicant's Name
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Your Information
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Cell Phone
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Personal Characteristics
Personal Characteristics
Candidate is friendly
Relates well to co-workers
Relates well to supervisors
Has ability to respect authority
Is considerate of others
Has integrity
Exhibits self-control
Demonstrates a servant nature
Adapts well to change
Is teachable
Manages stress well
Is emotionally stabile
Exhibits maturity
Exercises common sense
Is confident and comfortable in their own skin
Pays attention to detail
Is a team player
Demonstrates perseverance & consistency
Exhibits leadership qualities
This section is not confidential and may be shared with the candidate at our discretion.