Equipping the next generation of leaders for urban ministry.


An internship is all about the experience... that chance to get into the trenches and dig into the kind of work or ministry to which you aspire.  We want your time with us to be all that and more. We want to give you a boost to help launch you strongly into God's vision for your life. We offer both academic and non-academic internships at New Vision. 


Over half the world's population lives in city. Most of the half that doesn't live in cities resides in rural Africa and Asia. That means you are more likely to work at some point with people in an urban setting. 

You will spend your summer interacting with people from a fascinating variety of ethnicities, life circumstance, and personalities in an urban ministry setting. New Vision sits astride a crossroads of some of the most diverse communities in San Diego. Our focus is clearly urban with an emphasis on outreach to the low-income segment of our community.  

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A foundation of service is our platform for almost every ministry. A strong current of community outreach flows out of every initiative we undertake. We regularly collaborate with other churches, ministries, businesses, and schools to accomplish Kingdom work. Above all... we love the people of our community, our congregation, and each other and embrace the "glorious mess" we make as do Kingdom work together.  


Interns serve alongside New Vision ministry and program staff in a variety of capacities.

Our internships focus on four things:

1) Discipleship: not the kind you get in a class or a book that we are going to hand you. You will have a mentor for the summer who will make a generous investment into your spiritual development. 

2) Leadership development: Good leaders are in short supply. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, vision, and blind spots is crucial to become someone who others will follow. 

2) Program/Ministry development: Stuff that you just can't learn in a classroom AND which will be aligned with your vision for your future ministry or program.  

4) Ministry Experience: You will have a role and responsibilities that will matter and which will help us accomplish Kingdom work here in our community. 


Intern fees are $225/week for non-academic internships and $250/week for formal academic internships. Internship fees help cover the hard cash expense of your food, housing, and transportation to intern-related activities. It also covers the time that our staff will take to invest ourselves in you so that you leave inspired, encouraged, experienced, and connected to God's vision for your life. 

You also get:

  • free use of onsite gym and fitness classes through our athletics ministry
  • may receive formal leadership training and assessment
  • have access to a talented and experienced team of urban pastors
  • incredible summer of serving the marginalized and disenfranchised urban community of San Diego
LEAVE BEHIND sustainable contributions to the outreach of New Vision and the results of your own investments into the lives of others.

You will need to send a non-refundable registration fee of $300 AFTER you receive confirmation that we will accept you as an intern. The balance of your intern fees need to be paid 14 days prior to your internship start date. Please call if you are not able to meet this deadline. 

Should you leave the program voluntarily for any non-emergency issue or in the unlikely event that you are dismissed for violating New Vision's intern "Code of Conduct," your intern fees may not be refunded. 

LEAVE WITH valuable work experience, tools to develop future ministries, credible references, and on-going access to leaders who are committed to your success.


Summer internships are available from early May through late August. We need you to commit to at least 6 weeks during that time.  It will be most mutually beneficial for you to plan on eight or more weeks. The sweet spot of the summer is between the first week of June and mid-August. We will be solid with mission teams.  

14 DAYS BEFORE YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO ARRIVE... the deadline for getting intern fees in.

May 4th - earliest day to start your internship

Aug 1st - Urban Missions program staff appreciation BBQ

Aug 2nd - Intern Recognition in Sunday AM worship service

We will recognize all our interns on August 2nd in a Sunday AM worship service. You are more than welcome to invite your family or friends to this service so they can celebrate what you have learned and how you have served here with us. 


Much of your responsibilities will be tied into our overall hosting of summer urban mission teams. 

Our team works together in several areas:

Program Staff

  • facilitation teams
  • mission team host
  • street team leader
  • program assistant

Ministry Sites

  • site coordinator
  • site assistants
  • onsite kids ministry
  • service projects


  • facilities 
  • security
  • meals
  • transportation


  • organizational
  • development
  • promo  
  • media tech

Interns can also plug into other areas of ministry at New Vision that interest them, ie. youth ministry, children's ministry, food distribution, worship team, homeless, recovery, etc.


Your first step is to say you are interested.

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"Telling Our Story"

A special program initiative for 2015.

Where ever you serve, you will learn to tell your story and those of the people around you.



Many of your meals will happen at New Vision as part of the on-going ministries and programs. Others will be provided by your host family. You will also have access to our food distribution ministry to glean for your own meals and to stock your host family's pantry. You will not go hungry.

Please let us know if you special dietary considerations and we can discuss a plan to meet these. 

If you like your "favorites," need a morning caffeine fix to start your dayor want to try some of the excellent restaurants in our community, you should bring some extra cash. 


We house interns onsite or in the homes of trusted people in our congregation who live nearby. We expect you to treat your host and their home with the utmost respect and gratitude. The cost of living here is very high and they could get a lot more for renting out the space you will live in, however small it may seem.


Transportation to and from San Diego is your responsibility. We are happy to pick you up from the airport or bus station.  

If we need you somewhere, we will provide the means for you to get there or cover the expense. This could be in the form of a scheduled pick-up, a bus pass, a gas allowance, or a car pool.

If you need to get somewhere on your time, bring the necessary resources to get yourself around. San Diego has a great bus system and buses here can carry bikes. Just make sure you bring a very good bike lock and use it! 

You MUST have a valid driver's license and insurance in order to transport others interns and minors. 

We are committed to your success

before, during, and after your time at New Vision.