These options are ways we can make your trip just a little more memorable and distinctive. We have you cover the difference of the cost on top of what you are already paying for us to prepare your meals. We are content to see our local community partners benefit from your patronage. 

Ethnic Dinner Plan

We always try to make sure that at least one meal in your trip reflects some of the ethnic diversity of our community, but this option insures that each evening of your trip is a bonafide cross-cultural experience. We adjoin the most diverse community in the country and choices abound from every continent. Within walking distance of New Vision are Ethiopian, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean, Russian, Middle Eastern, and more. We also have people in our congregation who are capable of preparing authentic meals from their own ethnic heritage like Filipino, Pacific Islander, Mexican, New Orleans, Southern BBQ, etc. 

TIP: There is always one or two people who just refuse to adventure out and try something new. Communicate ahead of time that cross-cultural eating will be part of the trip experience. Plan ahead for this reality and have alternatives or encouraging resolve prepared so that these folks don't spoil a really cool opportunity to identify with another culture. 

Let us know you want to add one or more of these meals to your trip and we will make all the arrangements. You can see a comprehensive list here.