What I Saw Tonight

Josiah, my 5-year old son, and I eat at New Vision's community dinner on Thursday nights. This dinner is open to anyone and happens right before the Celebrate Recovery program. Amy works on Thursday nights so I don't have to come up with dinner (typical guy-thing... take the path of least resistance) and everyone gets to see Josiah. 

The crowd on Thursday nights is rich blend of personality, temperament, culture, and ethnicity. About 1/2 the crowd that is there attend church here on a regular basis. There is a contingent from the San Diego Rescue Mission and another from CRASH, a women's recovery program. Several other local rehab and transition programs are represented as well. A fair amount are people who have been or currently are homeless. And, of course, there are the guys from our men's discipleship program who live here on on-site. 

I feel comfortable with this crowd and I want Josiah to be around them. The core group of them have been coming for a long time and are deeply committed to each other. They have struggled together through sobriety and relapse... they experience each other's losses and bear each other up.

Tonight I saw something really cool. We have a disabilities ministry and subsequently have a number of people who are chair-bound. One of them, a very sweet girl who is around a lot, was interacting with a friend... one I think who hasn't been around recently. He was feeding her. But it was obvious to me that he wasn't doing it because he had to.  They were conversing. He was teasing her and making her laugh. It was the interaction of a brother and a sister who love each other and her disability was just a shadow in his eyes that almost seemed to disappear before the light of his service to her.

I love being here and I love it that Josiah gets to see this and be a part of this. I would not wish my addictive thinking or the life choices that I have made on anyone, but I want him to be able to identify with these folks. And I want him to know them as they are... people with lives, families, many with jobs, with heartaches, and joy. 

Dinner on Thursday night rocks and it is free. Come join us and if you look closely, you will see wonders all around.