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Ready for urban missions? Through New Vision Urban Missions, New Vision Christian Fellowship partners with churches from all over the country to expand outreach to the homeless, impoverished, and disenfranchised of urban San Diego. New Vision Christian Fellowship is in public schools to redeem the future of high-risk teens, networks dozens of local churches to build supportive relationships with over 70 public schools, has outreach at downtown hotels, and is on the street to serve the homeless community. New Vision distributes enough food to feed more than 70,000 people a month through twice-a-week food distributions and community meals.

New Vision Urban Missions is a ministry of New Vision Christian Fellowship.

Mission teams play a critical role in our outreach to the homeless, impoverished, marginalized, and disenfranchised urban community of San Diego. 

We host groups from all across the United States for urban mission trips here in San Diego.

We have recently worked with mission teams from New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Idaho, and all over California. We've worked with groups from as far away as New York, Ohio, and Hawaii. We love the collaboration

Our team has the time and experience to provide a powerful urban ministry experience.   

Led by "Pastor Pete" Contreras, New Vision partners with other churches, schools, businesses, and organizations to expand their outreach by offering urban mission trips. Pastor Pete is a 20 year urban ministry veteran who is well known on the streets, in the schools, and all over the city. New Vision's merge in 2011 with a long-established University Heights church, resulted in amazing resources that expand our outreach in every direction.

"Mission team host" is not just tagged on to someone's job description, nor is it left to an inexperienced ministry intern. The program is lead by a dedicated staff pastor who brings outside groups in to serve alongside our ministries year-round.  

Mike Haskins and his family were called to move back to San Diego to take over and expand the urban missions ministry. Mike has spent most of his career as a professional youth worker with a recent foray into the world of technology as a corporate trainer for Apple Care advisors. Mike and his family love their life on-site at New Vision, grateful for the “daily bread” God provides to sustain them here. 


When you come here to serve, we ask that you present yourself to the community as being “with" New Vision. You are an extension of our ongoing work in this community. New Vision Urban Missions is a ministry of New Vision Christian Fellowship, an urban church in San Diego.

Everything that goes on at New Vision represents an exciting move of God to reach the homeless, impoverished, and disenfranchised of San Diego. People on the streets may ask where you are "from" and you should tell them you are from your state, your city, your school, your church, etc... But it is critical that you make sure they know who you are "with" since New Vision will still be on the streets after you leave.   


Ken Seymour, Food Distribution Coordinator

Ken Seymour, Food Distribution Coordinator

Ken, New Vision's food distribution manager is a powerful example of what happens when someone catches God's new vision for their life. Thousands of people eat, because of what God did in the life of a man who saw real hunger in the households where he used to deal drugs. New Vision helps people see beyond their past, discover their incredible worth to God, then gets behind the new vision He has for their lives. Read more about Ken's story here.