Service Projects

We value service at New Vision and in practice, utilize service as a way to build credible relationships with people and organizations. A service project is something that non-professionals and young people can complete with minimal prior experience or need for expensive materials a special tools. 

Can you handle a bigger challenge?
Want to meet a pressing need?
Check out a funded project.

Examples might include: 

  • Yardwork
  • Cleanup projects of all sorts
  • Help a family or business move
  • Reclamation of space or resources
  • Demolition (everyone's favorite)
  • Sorting food, clothing, or other resources
  • Moving dirt
  • Neighborhood and school beautification

Every project starts with a person and a story. When groups complete a project with excellence and enthusiasm, we demonstrate that we love and value people.

  • Our best projects are when someone in our congregation refers neighbors or family members in need. 
  • We serve people who are already in our fellowship... it's a "one another thing."
  • We work shoulder to shoulder with our community for local projects.
  • The success of our community and ministry partners is our success and we find ways to bring additional value to their work in our community.
  • We found a great way to get projects through events in our community.
  • People, organizations, schools, and even businesses ask us for help.
  • Our own facilities need work as we use and develop them for ministry.

A few other things to know about projects with New Vision

  • You will eat well in order to work hard. 
  • We have onsite and offsite projects. 
  • Service projects are not always about moving dirt or carrying heavy loads. The projects meet a need... sometimes as simple as coloring a poster, copying a letter to a prisoner, or writing words of encouragement.
  • We strive to be intentional and want to leverage every project for Kingdom work in our community. Every project matters.
  • We always start with a plan and reason, but want to leave room for God to show up and change even our best laid plans. Some projects happen on the spur of the moment because of an urgent need or opportunity that arises.
  • We are often on someone else's schedule. Projects can be planned in advance and later cancelled for unforeseen circumstances or because of a greater need. 
  • More than anything... it is about people and getting the opportunity to hear their story. We often establish enough trust that they are receptive to hear what God has done in our lives.
  • At the end of the day the love we show each other as we serve together is what conveys and amplifies the message that God cares for them.
  • There is nothing better than a Slurpee run or hitting happy hour at Sonic after a hard day's work.