2015-16 Trip Prices

Pricing for trips longer than a weekend with New Vision is based on the amount of time we spend to facilitate activities and cover the costs of the supplies for your projects along with the overhead incurred for housing groups. 


Incentive prices based on group size are also available for activities, day trips, weekend trips, and some events

Program day - this is the base rate for a day's worth of activities, meals, and housing. The longer the trip and/or the more people who come, the lower the rate gets. Right now, a full-program day starts at $60 and can get as low as $50 depending on the length of your trip and how many participants you bring. 

Half-program day - this is half of the full rate. If you plan to serve with us for part of the day and spend the rest doing something else, that is fine. We will only charge you for the half the day, which includes a meal and housing.

Housing only - for when you plan to arrive too late in the evening and free days when all you are really doing is just sleeping here, we charge housing only.  

Here are a couple of scenarios.

Group 1 wants to arrive late on a Sunday night. They plan to serve with us Monday - Wednesday, then take a free day on Thursday. They plan to serve one more day before they leave early Saturday AM.  They plan to bring 15 people. 

This group would receive an incentive program day rate of $55 because of the length of their trip. Sunday would be housing only - $10. Monday through Wednesday and Friday are full-program days at $55/day. Thursday is a free day so we will charge the housing only rate of $10. Total trip cost/person = $240 

Group 2 wants to arrive on Monday AM. They plan to stay through Sunday afternoon. They want to serve in AM on Wednesday and spend the rest of the day on the beach. They are bringing a group of 35 people. 

This group would receive a premium program day rate of $50 because of their group size AND the length of their trip. Monday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday are full program days at $50/day. Thursday is a half-day at $25. We don't charge groups to attend worship service on Sundays, but may charge for a half-day if we are doing the group's trip wrap-up on Sunday afternoon. Cost/person = $275-$300