New Vision Gives You Options

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Trip Dates

We offer trips year-round and can accomodate groups almost any time of the year, especially on holidays.

Trip Duration

You can invest an afternoon at New Vision or spend a week.

Group Size

We host groups from 15 to 100.

Ministry Sites

Downtown San Diego, on the streets and in long-term residential hotels. Groups like yours help build and sustain our relationships with ministry and community partners around our community. Whether it is on-site at New Vision, in our neighborhood, or offsite around the city, there are many ways our groups serve here than to serve a meal at a soup kitchen or sort clothes at thrift store. 


Team building initiatives, adventure-based and experiential learning exercises, and simulation activities are incorporated to mentally and spiritually prepare participants to engage in urban ministry.


Our intentional, but flexible schedule helps you plan, price, execute a trip that will fit your group dynamics. Your flexibility helps us adjust and adapt activities in "real time." Your group won't be "too busy" to respond to a timely need or opportunity for ministry because of a rigid routine.


Almost everything about your trip can be dialed down or up as needed for the particular group that you bring. We understand how key your group dynamic is to maximize the impact that this trip will have. When we get this right, your group returns home aware and empowered to respond to needs all around them, both at home and the city.  


Just to suggest a trip that will take students into a major city requires both credibility and an element of risk for trip leaders. To honor this, we are safety conscious and work with trip leaders to plan a trip that builds their credibility in the eyes of their team, leaders, and parents. 

Trip Pricing

We offer different ways for you to work with us so there is almost always an affordable option for your group. 


The mild portion of a trip can include service projects with no or minimal face-to-face contact. It might be graffiti removal, various kinds of service projects, cleaning, painting murals, and other forms of service around the city. 


The medium portion of the trip can include structured face-to-face contact with individuals. Examples might be hosting a disabilities banquet, sidewalk soup kitchen, food and clothing distribution, service at schools, and VBS programs.


The hot portion of the trip will include face-to-face interaction with the people in our community. This could be street evangelism, back pack ministry to the homeless, drama on the street, block parties, and hosting special activities for kids in our community.


We can dial the temperature up and down on just about every aspect of your trip. We want to help you keep your group outside their comfort zone where they can learn and out of the panic zone where fear can inhibit growth.

We want to send you away feeling empowered and blessed, not guilty and disheartened.