We see your trip as a collaborative effort. The dynamics of every group on every trip is different. You know your group better than we do, so we want to know what will help your group grow as our journeys intertwine for a few days. 


You could bring the same group of people back for a second trip, but they will have changed in the course of a year and will have a different dynamic than the last time they were here. Your ministry doesn't happen in a vacuum so we don't keep our trips in a can. We best leverage your group as a resource if we take the time to find out who you are, what you are good at, where you've been, and how you want to grow. We can then align that to the needs that exist in our community, current ministry efforts, and the expansion of collaborative partnerships. As the trip leader, you always have a say and can request adjustments to the schedule, activities, or other aspects of your trip. 


Some leaders want to be upfront for everything. Others enjoy more time with their students because they don't have to be. You may want to lead your own devotions, give your students a break, or take some extra time to process through dynamics happening in your group. There are two things that we know for sure... 1) we don't want to compete with you for leadership of your group and... 2) you know your group better than we do. All we ask is that you don't go rogue and do your own in our ministry sites. We commit that we won't undermine your role as group leader.


ou should be able to talk directly with the person who is leading and facilitating your trip before you get on site. We provide a lot of information here on our website, but we don't want to hide behind it. Call, text, or email your questions. We will answer as best we can and find out what we don't already know.