Dear Friends,

Thank you for showing an interest in our New Vision Urban Missions program. 

You’ll find most of the information you need to prayerfully plan your trip. Prayer is a big part of what we do here at New Vision. We ask that you start to pray and keep on praying as you prepare to come. 

If God wants you here, He will provide the resources for you to be here. You may need to make some sacrifices along the way... drink a few less lattes, shorten your trip to meet a budget you can afford, or be content to just hang out at the beach for free instead of spending a $100 to go to an amusement park

Thank you again for your consideration. We desire to partner with you and build the Kingdom of God together. May He richly bless you!


Mike Haskins, Urban Missions Pastor

Click the activity or trip that interests you for more details.

Urban Ministry Activity

Let us handle your next service project or outreach activity.

We can facilitate service and ministry in places that you may not have access or experience.

Day Trip

Come for the day!

We pack one day full of urban ministry activities and meal. You can start in the morning after breakfast or in afternoon after lunch.

Multi-day Trip

Come spend three or more days with us. 

Multi-day trips are tailored for your group’s availability, desired schedule, risk-threshold, and preferred activities. 

Weekend Trip

Come spend a weekend of urban ministry and worship with a thriving urban congregation!

Weekend trips typically start on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday afternoon.

Add-On Trip (2 nights/1 program day)

Add a day and a night of urban missions on to your Mexico trip or Southern California youth conference with an extra night at the beginning or end.

Add-On Trip (3 nights/2 program days)

Add two days and nights of urban missions on to your Mexico trip or Southern California youth conference with an extra night at the beginning or end.

Housing Only

Spend the night!

Because we are only 20 minutes from the border and 15 minutes from everything else, we get a lot of requests to stay over from traveling groups.