Multi-day Trip

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Multi-day Trip


Come spend three or more days with us. 

Multi-day trips are tailored for your group’s availability, desired schedule, risk-threshold, and preferred activities. 

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Pricing is per person/per program day. 

A full program day includes 2-3 ministry activities, 2-3 meals, overnight housing.

Typical per per person trip costs for a group of 30.

  • $165 for 3 days (during the week)
  • $220 for 4 days
  • $275 for 5 days
  • $300 for 6 days (price break for trips longer than 5 days)
  • $350 for 7 days

Discounted rates for larger groups (30+) & longer stays (longer than 5 days).

Minimum group size is 15 people. Maximum group size is 100.

We are flexibly priced to get every group here. 

Contact us for a trip quote.

Find out more about multi-day trips here.