with New Vision

Urban mission trips with New Vision bring your group alongside our existing ministries and the work of other organizations that serve our community. "With New Vision" means we serve together to address the needs of people in ways that matter. "With New Vision" means that we will equip your group and accompany them to safely bring ministry to places of great need. "With New Vision" means your group becomes a valued part of an ongoing, sustainable presence in the urban communities of San Diego where we live, serve, and worship. "With New Vision" means that we host and facilitate trips in ways that best leverage the effort and material resources you bring to do Kingdom work here in San Diego. "With New Vision" means that your group will leave with a different perspective on the needs of those who are homeless, experiencing food insecurity, or otherwise living in poverty. "With New Vision" means that your group will have both the desire and skills to take what they learn about outreach to the marginalized and disenfranchised people who can be found all around them and put it to use in your own community. "With New Vision" means that a mission trip can and should be more than just a trip to go somewhere and do good stuff in the name of Jesus... it means that your time here is valued, your effort will matter, and your participants will know that they were part of something different than they have experienced on other trips.